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All of our Juniors team coaches have passed detailed background checks, are SafeSport certified, and undergo ongoing training and mentorship.

Meet the Coaches:


Jessica Mullins

After a few false starts trying to get into mountain biking (including two rides ending with "I'm never mountain biking again"), I finally got bit by the bug in 2011, when my daughter was 2. I started riding a ton, loving the technical challenges and the workout involved. Somehow I stumbled into racing a year later with the 44 mile RME PV Derby. I was hooked on endurance racing after that. In 2015, I was thrilled to join Avout Racing, gaining the camaraderie and support you get from being part of a team. The Avout Racing Juniors team began when my daughter was 7, and I got to enjoy my daughter joining the team too, having fun riding bikes with other kids. As she and I became more involved in Avout Racing, I found myself wanting to help out more with the juniors team. While it is rewarding to stand on top of a podium myself (which I've done in a lot of mountain bike races), it is even more rewarding to coach kids to improve their skills and meet their goals. As a former teacher, becoming a coach for the Avout Racing Inspire Juniors was a perfect fit to blend my love of mountain biking and teaching. I'm so proud of all of these kids and can't wait to see what else they will do! Send Jessica a Message
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Rob Donovan

I began riding bicycles roughly 20 years ago. I saw Lance Armstrong win his first Tour de France and was immediately hooked. I bought my first bike and I was in heaven! I joined a small team and began racing criteriums and time trials. I did this for about a year with limited success and then I discovered mountain bike racing and cyclocross. I soon realized I loved all forms of cycling and training but my racing passion was in the dirt. Over time I would see real success finishing 5th at Masters Cross Country Nationals and the following year winning the California Cyclocross Masters State Championship. I currently hold CAT 1 racing licenses in both CX and XC. Though I continue to race a full CX and XC schedule I am finding more joy in helping others, which brought me to Avout Racing. A unique opportunity presented itself to coach the Select Juniors program. As a passionate athlete and father of two I couldn't think of a better fit for me to give back to the future of cycling.
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Barry Wiebe

I've been ripping around on anything with wheels for a long time. The bike evolved from pre-driver's license transportation and entertainment to a training tool for motorcycle racing and then became the primary racing vehicle. I came up the ranks with one of my 3 sons and we won the Colorado State Championship on the same day. The bike has led me to rides and races, fun places, and great people all over the country. The whole family continues to ride a lot! I started Avout Racing because I wanted to create a team that was attractive to everyone. And it's attracted so many amazing adult and junior cyclists. I'm so proud of what the team has become and the positive impact it is having on so many lives. I'm looking forward what comes next! Thanks to the great support of our sponsors, the dedication of everyone involved in running the team, and every team member who has been part of the family!

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