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We have great leadership plus an amazing coach team of over 50 coaches.  All of our Juniors team coaches have passed detailed background checks, are SafeSport certified, and undergo ongoing training and mentorship.

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Executive Director, Team Manager

Susan Durham

Susan Durham

Hi! My name is Susan, and I’m a passionate athlete and dedicated member of the Avout Racing community. My journey into cycling and triathlons began in January 2020 when I purchased my first road bike, marking the start of something special. Since then, I have immersed myself in the sport, embracing the challenges and triumphs. In 2020 alone, I participated in five sprint triathlons, showcasing my determination and skill by achieving three podium placements. Undeterred by the demanding nature of the triathlon, I pushed my limits, setting my sights on even more significant achievements, including my upcoming third-half Ironman in June 2024. My involvement with Avout Racing began when I enrolled my eight-year-old son in the Rec program in the fall of 2023. I eagerly volunteered, using my trusty 1999 REI Novara MTB to offer more support on the rides. Recognizing my passion for empowering young riders, I joined the coaching team, dedicating my time and expertise to help kids build confidence and skills through cycling. Outside of my athletic pursuits, I’m the proud owner of a Property Service Business, where I have honed my skills in accounting and management. Eager to contribute further to the Avout Racing community, I was offered the opportunity to serve on the board of directors as treasurer, leveraging my financial expertise to support the organization's growth and success. I’m thrilled to be part of the Avout Racing family, where I continue to inspire and empower others on their journey toward excellence.

Operations Manager

Kenzie Frye

Kenzie Frye

I grew up around anything and everything outdoors, including bikes. Traveling and exploring the beautiful world we live in is something so important to me. In high school I discovered that bikes are an incredible way to experience new places with awesome people! I first got into road cycling my junior year of high school and after many years of my little brother and dad trying to get me off the road and onto the trails, I started consistently mountain biking in 2022. I’ve always been a bit of an adventure junky, usually in endurance events. I started racing mountain bikes and very much to my surprise I earned a place on the podium in every MTB race I did in 2023. I have been living a nomadic lifestyle since 2022 which has made biking around the country so much more fun because I get to explore new places every day! If I’m not on a bike, you’ll find me with my dog, hiking, climbing, kayaking, or doing something outside in the sun (or snow). I am extremely lucky that mountain biking is now not only a passion, but also something I get to make a career out of while helping more kids and people enjoy the sport as much as I do!

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Barry Wiebe

I've been ripping around on anything with wheels for a long time. The bike evolved from pre-driver's license transportation and entertainment to a training tool for motorcycle racing and then became the primary racing vehicle. I came up the ranks with one of my 3 sons and we won the Colorado State Championship on the same day. The bike has led me to rides and races, fun places, and great people all over the country. The whole family continues to ride a lot! I started Avout Racing because I wanted to create a team that was attractive to everyone. And it's attracted so many amazing adult and junior cyclists. I'm so proud of what the team has become and the positive impact it is having on so many lives. I'm looking forward what comes next! Thanks to the great support of our sponsors, the dedication of everyone involved in running the team, and every team member who has been part of the family!

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Matt Turner

I discovered mountain biking in college and have been hooked ever since! Along the way I've worked at the CDC, run an international public health organization, and owned a manufacturing business. I've been blessed to have the opportunity to live and work around the world and I've enjoyed all the adventures that come with it! Now I'm on a new adventure with three little boys in the house and getting to share my love of the outdoors with them! My goal is to use my nonprofit management experience to ensure that kids in our community have access to a quality program that will build their love of two-wheels and the outdoors. I am a USAC Level 3 cycling coach. When I'm not biking, I'm mountain climbing, snowboarding, or working on a science project with my kids.

Katie Hahn

Katie loves to ride her mountain bike any chance she gets and loves sharing her passion with others! She was born in Colorado and fully enjoys all things Colorado including chapstick, hydration, Chacos, and sunshine. In addition to her legal career, she has been a ski patroller, ski instructor, backpacking leader, Avout Racing Inspire Juniors rec coach, and a mom of a little mountain biker. She is thrilled to be a part of the Avout Racing community and is most excited about seeing all the Avout Racing juniors enjoying the outdoors and loving riding bikes!

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