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Ashton Lockhart Head Shot Square

Ashton Lockhart

My family has always been quite active and outdoorsy. Since my entire family bikes, biking came naturally to me. Even my two younger brothers share my passion for cycling. I first rode a balance bike when I was one and a half years old, and before I was three, I began riding a pedal bike. Bike riding has always been a part of my life and has influenced who I am now. I enjoy cycling for its adrenaline rush, scenery, fitness, camaraderie, friendships, and challenges. I've been racing with Avout Racing for eight years, and it was in 2020 when I joined the Avout Racing Selects that my passion for racing truly began to grow. I have relished visiting sporting events and discovering new states. My fitness, talents, and overall success on the bike have improved every year thanks to Avout Racing. Last year, I was able to travel to phenomenal places in different states to race. This season, I'm even more eager to see how much I can advance and achieve. I also enjoy sleeping, listening to music, hanging out with friends, and downhill skiing. I also occasionally play the piano for fun. I'm excited for a fantastic season, being challenged, and meeting new people.
Cade Bosler Head Shot Square

Cade Bosler

I’ve been riding bikes since I was 5. My first race was a BMX race when I was around 7. Growing up I was just riding around with friends on the local trails. I found out about Avout Racing at a Highlands Ranch MTB race. After that it all came together, and I started to love the sport. Pretty much anything outside and on dirt will do.
Collin Hartman Head Shot Square

Collin Hartman

When I was 6 years old, I decided that I wanted to start racing bikes, so I started by racing cyclocross. In my first season, I had so much run racing and learning about the sport that I was hooked. I have continued racing cyclocross ever since and started racing mountain bikes in 2018, although my favorites discipline is still cyclocross. I joined Avout Racing last year and enjoy riding and training with my coach and teammates. Outside of cycling, I play the violin, ski, and watch Formula 1. I love to travel with my family to ride, hike and camp, and we have two dogs, Yahtzee and Lucy.
Ella Kearney-Turner Head Shot Square

Ella Kearney-Turner

I first started to ride bikes at 3 years old. My dad and my uncle are cyclists. They are big influences on why I started cycling. When I was little, I started with racing BMX. Even though I don’t do BMX as much anymore, I still love to ride BMX and pump tracks. As I got a little older, I got my first mountain bike, which was a purple Haro. I ended up loving my mountain bike!! When I grew out of that bike, I got a Norco mountain bike. That’s also when I started racing! I was 9 years old when I did my first race. I had fallen in love with racing and did a race whenever I could. As I got older I did more and more racing. I was getting top 3 in most of my races! In the 6th grade my parents started to homeschool me. While being homeschooled, I started to miss the interaction of being around my friends in school. By joining a mountain bike team and racing, I made many great friends who were just like me. I first started on a small team of two girls and three boys. Even though the team was small, I gained the most race experience and bike skills while on that team. Summer of 2021 my family and I moved to Colorado. At that time, I was welcomed by my new team, Avout Racing! Once I joined the team, they gave me the new experience of cyclocross! I even entered a few races and had a blast! When I am not racing my mountain bike I enjoy snowboarding, skiing, unicycling, road biking, dirt jumps, dirt biking and traveling.
Gavin Lopez Head Shot Square

Gavin Lopez

I rode my bike just for fun until I was about nine, then I tried racing (cyclocross) for the first time. It was very fun, and I liked how challenging it was to sometimes even stay upright. My favorite cycling discipline is cyclocross and then cross country mountain biking. I joined Avout Racing in August of 2021 and they are a super great team that I am excited to race for another year. Besides biking I enjoy skiing, spending time with my friends and family, and working. My favorite place that I have ever ridden a bike in is Iowa City, Iowa, at Jingle cross. Hopefully I can ride my bike there again this year.
Griffin Reed Head Shot Square

Griffin Reed

I have been on a bike for about 12-13 years now and have been racing for 3-4 of those years. It was just a couple years ago that I really fell in love with the sport and cannot see myself stopping. Some of my big days on the bike include ascending Lookout Mountain for the first time when I was six, riding from Winter Park to Golden over the Divide on a mountain bike, summiting Mt. Evans, finishing the full 100k of the Bailey Hundo, and most recently riding the White Rim in one day. Like most of us, I lost a whole year of racing during 2020 but made Varsity as a junior and finished in the top ⅔ at state championships. Off the bike, I am passionate about skiing and have worked for the Winter Park Ski Patrol for the past few years. Another interesting fact is that I am taking a high-level engineering course where the end goal is to become certified in 3D Modeling and successfully design and build a bamboo bike from scratch.
Walsh Head Shot Square

Henry Walsh

I started racing cyclocross when I was eight years old, in the fall of 3rd grade, on a twenty-eight pound Specialized Hotrock with twenty-inch wheels. That was the inaugural season of the Avout Racing Inspire Juniors team, making me the longest standing junior member of the Avout Racing bike team! Over the last seven years, I have raced MTB Cross Country and Short Track, along with some Road Time-Trials and a few Triathlons, but Cyclocross remains my discipline of choice. I love Cyclocross because it is an individual sport that I can give my all and never let anyone down. Its intense nature has taught me resilience and grit that transfers over to other aspects of my life, like wrestling and school. I also enjoy the team aspect of the sport, through cheering during races and supporting my teammates on and off the bike. In the 2022 season, I have goals in all my cycling-related disciplines. First of all, I would like to compete in one Olympic-length Triathlon and one Xterra (a goal I am repeating from last year). Also, I would like to compete in Road racing this year as it is a new discipline for me, especially Criteriums. Last but not least, I want to become a better Cyclocross racer and perhaps even compete for a podium position at the national level.
Keagan Cook Head Shot Square

Keagan Cook

I started riding a strider bike at the age of two and have been passionate about biking as long as I can remember. My family enjoys camping which has allowed me to ride new trails and explore many different places. One of my favorite places to ride is Bentonville! At age 6, I joined a local biking group and began to race both cyclocross and mountain biking. What I love about biking is that there are always new challenges. Having more time over these past two years has allowed me to work on my technical skills but I have missed racing. I am excited to be joining Avout and focusing my efforts on becoming a faster rider. My dream is to become a professional athlete in biking or skiing, I just really don’t want a desk job. I want to travel the country in a sprinter van with no basement my parents can live in!
Maggie Reid Head Shot Square

Maggie Reid

As soon as I could walk, I was on a bike. I would ride all around the neighborhood on my push tricycle with my dad behind me helping me pop wheelies. My love of cycling has grown ever since. About 6 years ago, I started racing mountain bikes. During the 2021 race season, I began training more seriously and placing in local races. After seeing the importance of working hard and having a good team behind you, I decided to join the Avout Racing Selects for the 2022 season. I enjoyed racing around the country with the team. My Avout Racing experience also led me into a great season with the Colorado High School Mountain Bike League and even to a varsity win as a sophomore! Today I race cyclocross and cross country. Off the bike, I like to rock climb, ski, and unicycle. A fun fact about me is that I have a great dane named Gabby that weighs more than I do.
Pierce Smith Head Shot Square

Pierce Smith

I’ve been around bikes my whole life. My dad was really in the road cycling scene growing up, however I never caught the cycling bug. It was not until the fall of 2020 when my mom said I needed to get outside the house more and put me on a high school mountain bike team. I fell in love on the first ride. Since then, I have competed in two 12hr races and placed first in one of them! I have also qualified and competed in the CO HS State Championships and moved up 35 places. I cycled with Avout Racing last year and am so excited to see how the Selects team challenges me within a dedicated team. Outside of cycling I love to camp, travel, snowboard, and explore entrepreneurship.
Zak Dollar Head Shot Square

Zak Dollar

I have been riding bikes as long as I can remember. My first race was Battle of the Bear when I was 7 years old. I enjoy XC races with a few Enduro races thrown in for fun. In the past, I have ridden with GBX and Golden Devo MTB teams. Next year I am excited to race with the Golden High School team, and I am so excited to be on the Avout Racing team. I know it will improve my fitness and skills. My family has been going to Moab every year for Thanksgiving with a minimum of 20 friends for my entire life. Mountain biking has been central to my family life forever. I also enjoy skiing which I started at age 5. I am currently on the Winter Park Big Mountain Free Ride team. Other hobbies include cooking and camping. Two years ago, my mom wanted to learn motocross. I immediately stole her Kawasaki and now we go play in the desert as a family. Two wheel anything is a good time.
Ian Edwards Head Shot Square

Ian Edwards

I got into to cycling because I wanted to ride with my dad. Went on some pretty long rides for my age so my dad found a team to teach me about bike handling skills and racing when I was 8. After racing for that team a bit, I switched teams to Avout Racing 4 years ago. I always saw Avout Racing with the team oasis at races and met a bunch of people and thought that is the team I want to race with. Avout Racing is an awesome team thanks to its generous sponsors, coaches and people who pitch in to help. I love being on my bike any chance I get and look forward to racing as much as I can and going to some out of state races, camps, and Nationals this summer. Then, racing with my high school mountain bike team and cyclocross in the fall. Hopefully next summer I can race some races in Europe as part of a camp or in Central America while on vacation. When not racing, I am usually helping at races in some form as my dad is a USA cycling official and I like being at races and seeing people I know and cheering them on. Or I like hanging out with my dog “Race” named after bike races, watching pro bike races on YouTube, playing video games or basketball. My nickname is Ice Man since my initials are ICE.
Kira Mullins Head Shot Square

Kira Mullins

Coming soon!
Mitch Schroeder Heat Shot Square

Mitch Schroeder

My first time on a bike was when I was 4 and my dad would take me on the single track near our house. Since then, I’ve raced in local races, endurance and 24-hour races in Arizona and Grand Junction, and in High School races. My favorite type of race is cross county endurance races about 50 miles long. I joined Avout Racing 7 years ago and have grown to love the sport even more as a result of the team and the members. It wasn’t until my junior year that I decided I wanted to become more competitive and set personal goals for the High School MTB races.
Sienna Phillips Head Shot Square

Sienna Phillips

I’ve been on some sort of bike for most of my life but I only started truly riding about 4 years ago around 2018 when my family moved to Ken-Caryl. I was originally riding with my dad. In the fall of that year my mum saw Avout Racing practicing, and my dad also heard of Avout Racing. I went to one of the practices that fall, I really enjoyed it and started going every week. In the spring I joined Avout Racing, and from there did my first race. I had always struggled with finding a sport I loved, wanted to devote time to, and wanted to do competitively. I didn’t really realize that this was the sport for me until about two years after I started but this was the sport I was willing to devote time to and do competitively. I was swimming when I started riding, and it was at this two-year mark when I decided to quit swimming and focus on biking. With Avout Racing, I’ve continued to build my love for racing and riding. I also love to do other things when not riding, I love reading, I snowboard, and I also have a passion for photography.
Kate Stanford Head Shot Square

Kate Stanford

When I was 5, my dad bought me my first bike. It was this tiny spiderman strider bike that only shifted if it was having its best day. Despite its flaws, I loved that bike more than anything. Flash forward 10 years and cycling is my passion (I did buy a new bike that actually shifts). I try to race as much as possible, but above all I love to have fun riding my bike around the Colorado Rockies. My main love in cycling is cyclocross, where in 2016 I took 4th at nationals. I am on the hurdle and track team for my high school, which helps keep me in shape for cyclocross season. When I'm not riding my bike, I go rock climbing with my brother in many different areas of Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, New York, and so many other places. I also enjoy playing guitar, learning languages, and whitewater kayaking.
Luke Ozment Head Shot Square

Luke Ozment

I started riding bikes when I was 3. It was a family thing, and I was doing it all for fun and just learning. Watching my dad compete in mountain bike races was exciting so when I turned eight, I joined GBX, a Golden bike team that was started in my neighborhood. I noticed at the races that Avout Racing always had a team tent set up and a lot of strong racers. Avout Racing was organized, and it looked like a great team to advance my racing. I have been racing for 5 years but became interested in competitive racing when I was 12. I race mountain bike, cyclocross and road. In my free time I ski and hang out with my friends and family. I love biking and skiing because I love the thrill of going as fast as I can. `I am hoping to win a lot of races this year, especially at Golden High School in my freshman year.
Oliver Waldron Head Shot Square

Oliver Waldron

I started biking around age 4 and have been competitive racing since I was 8 - starting in New England, then in Colorado since 2019. My goals for this season are to podium or win every Cyclo-X cyclocross race, win the Colorado mountain bike championships, and be in the top 5 at the mountain bike national championships. My best results from the previous season are 1st overall Cyclo-X cyclocross series (men 13-14) and 1st at the Colorado mountain bike state championships (men 11-12). I love riding and spending time with my two dogs, Daisy and Tucker. You’ll see me off the bike eating cookies and cream ice cream and burritos from Chipotle!
Turner Peters Head Shot Square

Turner Peters

Hi, I’m Turner Peters and I love biking. I started biking after my dad got tired of running and decided that biking was the form of exercise he wanted to do. He selected me to be his biking buddy and bought me a Kona Jake 9 cyclocross bike. After that, we started riding on the Ralston creek trail next to our house. After a little while of my dad mentioning and subtly pushing a cyclocross team, I said why not. For my first season of Avout Racing, I did only cyclocross. I got lapped by most people in all the races, but there was never a race I didn’t finish. (And there still isn’t, even the one where my bike broke and I had to run the whole thing.) After an extensive off-season of mind-numbing Zwift, I started my first mountain bike season. Mountain biking was a lot of fun, but really different. I ended up enjoying it a lot and competed and qualified for States in the high school mountain bike league. Then came my second season of cyclocross, and I was actually in the competition with the other kids! I ended up going to CX Nationals and winning the BRAC cup which was really exciting for me. Then, towards the end of the season, I got my invitation to Selects and my brain exploded. And that brings us to the current day.

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